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Sign Michel's Letter to the LA Times

If you feel that the LA Times has defamed Michel Thomas, please sign and send this letter to the publisher of the LA Times.

The Friends of Michel Thomas
101 W. 23rd St. #2289
New York, NY 10011-2490
Telephone 212-633-1036

email: contact@michelthomas.org web site: http://www.michelthomas.org


John P. Puerner
The Los Angeles Times
202 West 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Re: Michel Thomas v. The Los Angeles Times

Dear Mr. Puerner:

Having seen the evidence presented by the Friends of Michel Thomas, I believe that an honest man with a distinguished record of accomplishment has been defamed and belittled by your newspaper.

I believe that the Los Angeles Times should offer Michel Thomas an apology for the untruthful implications that have been printed about him, and the right to correct the record in the pages of the Los Angeles Times.

I fully support the efforts being made by the Friends of Michel Thomas in the legal and public domain to repair the damage that has been done to Mr. Thomas's reputation, and to present the true facts of an extraordinary life.

I am proud to add my name as a friend of Michel Thomas and hope the Los Angeles Times will join with me and all of Michel's friends in our efforts to see that the truth of his life is told.

Yours sincerely,



Letter copied to:
Mr. John S. Carroll, Editor
Mr. Bret Israel, Editor, Southern California Living section