Records of the service of Michel Thomas for the 1st Battalion of the 180th Infantry Regiment of the 45th Infantry Division, 1944.

Click here to see a picture of Michel Thomas at the 2002 reunion of members of the 180th infantry regiment.;


Was Michel Thomas an Agent in the US Army's Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) during and immediately after World War II??


Was Michel Thomas present at Dachau on the day of liberation - April 29, 1945?


Was Michel Thomas the original discover of the Nazi Party's master membership card file, in early May of 1945?


Was Michel Thomas interrogated by the infamous Klaus Barbie in Lyon, France in 1943 and did he escape the trap that Barbie had laid for unsuspecting Jews, all of whom were sent to their deaths at Auschwitz?


Is Michel Thomas' language teaching method merely a "sham" that cannot deliver the level of language proficiency promised?


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