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May 25th 2004. Senators Bob Dole and John Warner present the Silver Star for Valor to Michel Thomas at the WWII Memorial. Click Here to read the article

    Michel Thomas, an American citizen, was born Moniek Kroskof in a Jewish family in Poland. He grew up in Germany and France. During World War II he fought for two years in the Secret Army of the French Resistance, then served in combat intelligence with the US Army, and finally served for over two years as a US Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) Agent. His entire family was murdered at Auschwitz.
    After the war, Michel developed a unique method of language teaching that enables his students to learn to speak foreign languages much faster than traditional methods. He has taught the many languages he speaks to generations of students at his language schools in New York and Los Angeles since 1947.
    In April 2001 the Los Angeles Times published an article implying that Michel had fabricated or exaggerated his wartime service and the efficacy of his language teaching method. Refused a retraction, Michel sued the Los Angeles Times for defamation.
    This web site, sponsored by the Friends of Michel Thomas aims to set the record straight. We are publishing the true story of his life, along with the documentary evidence that clearly demonstrates the Los Angeles Times knew the truth and chose to deny, ignore, or distort it.

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